Stress and Anxiety

Everyone experiences stress and anxiety to some degree. They are a part of our daily lives. However, there is a point where your life can become ruled by them. Whether it’s an underlying sense of anxiousness, panic attacks or major stress if you are feeling this way, RTTTM helps relieve anxiety, install confidence and bring a sense of inner peace and calm.

Stress is a biological response towards external stimulus that gives us a fight or flight, freeze or fawn response. Biochemicals are triggered and these triggers can occur to real or imagined ‘threats’ ie leading to Anxiety. Over time, these biochemical responses become patterned within our minds and bodies so that we can become conditioned physically as well as mentally and emotionally towards these patterns of responses. Even to the point of being ‘addicted’ to stress!

The long term effects of these patterns of behaviour and responses have physical consequences such as increased risk of illness and disease. As well as potentially causing unwelcome reactions and affects on our families, friends, colleagues and communities.

Our lives can change immensely when we learn to unchain ourselves from the causes, effects and patterns of behaviour caused by stress. We will never eliminate stress from our life, but we can reduce stress caused by old patterns of belief and thought, underlying triggers and blocks, freeing us from fear, anxiety and allowing us to manage and cope with our lives in a much healthier way.


The understanding and importance of the effects of mental health has increased rapidly with the awareness of the extent of the proportion of us suffering from Depression.

Rapid Transformational Therapy has proven successful for many of our clients in helping with Depression. Often underlying life events, childhood experiences, or other physical or emotional issues can be triggers for depression. These can be things sometimes uncovered in Hypnosis that are difficult to access through our conscious mind and this can help you to move forward from Depression.

Insomnia and Sleep Issues

Sleep is our body’s natural restorer. It’s a totally natural state for us to be in. However problems can arise due to many factors including stress, trauma, hormonal imbalances, and sometimes other lifestyle factors.

Resetting the body to sleep naturally and normally, allowing sleep to descend upon us easily can be achieved with hypnosis. A bespoke recording will also be made to continue to reset your body and mind back to their natural ability to sleep.

Fears and Phobias

Public Speaking, Driving, Flying, Escalators and Lifts, Heights and even Buttons can be connected to a strong fear or phobia. These are usually developed when a strong emotion becomes attached to a situation or experience, one that sometimes has nothing at all to do with the actual situation or experience, or sometimes it is that itself.

However, to uncover and release that emotion, we need to understand it and then replace it with an even stronger, positive emotion. This can be done using RTTTM with Hypnotherapy accessing the subconscious belief attached to the phobia or fear, and the creating a new and powerful picture in your mind to overcome and move on in life free from the Fear or Phobia.


An addiction can be to anything that moves us away from feeling “bad” in to a feeling of pleasure such as Shopping, Alcohol, Drugs, Sugar, Food, Sex, gaming and more. The mind and body seek out and reinforce addictive behaviours. These can be accompanied by or contributed to by other underlying issues such as stress, anxiety, depression, emotional or physical trauma.

RTTTM can bring understanding to and help with all of the above. Using Hypnotherapy to unlock the repeating patterns of addiction and then also installing confidence, connection to your inner guidance and strength to help you move forward in life.

Pain Management

Many people are now using tools such as meditation and visualisation to help with healing and management of pain.

Hypnotherapy uses a form of deep relaxation to allow your mind to release emotions and triggers associated with illness and injury, and to encourage the mind and body to relax, relieving the stress and tension that might be contributing to physical pain.

Confidence and Self Esteem

A strong sense of self belief enables us to live our lives fully as whole and radiant beings. To embrace change, challenges and opportunities and to cope with and make the most of the roller coaster ride of life.

Many of us have hidden and not so hidden fears and negative beliefs that hold us back. If you want to move forward in life free from the baggage of your past experiences, free to put yourself out there, free to explore the world fully then RTTTM is for you. Release, unburden, unblock and shake off those old shackles of the old you. Get ready to be the whole and confident you!

Exam Stress

When we feel too stressed to cope in exams our brain can become switched off to things that we know, then trigger a panic response that we can’t remember essential information. This loop can cause even the most capable person to underperform.

With RTTTM we can break this loop, and have a calm, confident approach to study and exams, ensuring that you can perform at your full potential.

Weight Management

There are many contributing factors to Weight Management issues and often there are hidden factors a that can only come to light when we access them through Hypnotherapy. The subconscious can sabotage our efforts to maintain a healthy body image or weight,

If you have issues with food, exercise, or an ability to love and accept your body then RTTTM can help!

Well-Being and Happiness

Sometimes we experience times of challenge and difficulty, other times we can seemingly have everything we should have to be happy, yet our self-sabotage can prevent us from connecting to our inner happiness or contentment, or doing what we know we need to do to maximise our wellbeing or happiness.

Through addressing the root cause of our negative thinking or self-sabotage through RTTTM we can install a more positive, focused and contented mindset.


Pats Kinnaird Certified RTTTM Therapist

It’s Pats’ mission in life to help you free your mind and body and move forward in life with new, positive and empowering beliefs to enable you to live your best life.

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RTTTM Rapid Transformational Therapy helps with stress and anxiety, depression, insomnia and sleep issues, fears and phobias, addictions, pain management/physical symptoms, confidence and self esteem, exam stress and performance , weight management/eating disorders, well-being and happiness.

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