Pats Kinnaird, Your
Certified RTTTM Therapist

Pats has been teaching Yoga for many years now and has always enjoyed the connection to self and others that comes with that. Pats has become a well known specialist teacher in Restorative Yoga and also in teaching Beginners Courses..

Through the deep connection to self found in the relaxation obtained through Restorative Yoga, Pats then looked to expand her offering to that of a more direct and profound healing. This is where she discovered Hypnotherapy and in particular RTTTM Rapid Transformational Therapy.

Travelling to London to study with the founder of RTTTM, world-renowned and Britain’s Top Therapist Marisa Peer, Pats now brings this amazing therapy to her practise.

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Pats (Patricia) Kinnaird. It’s Pats’ mission in life to help you free your mind and body and move forward in life with new, positive and empowering beliefs to enable you to live your best life.


RTTTM Rapid Transformational Therapy helps with stress and anxiety, depression, insomnia and sleep issues, fears and phobias, addictions, pain management/physical symptoms, confidence and self esteem, exam stress and performance , weight management/eating disorders, well-being and happiness.

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